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ViaVia Boutique hotel

Welcome to our boutique hotel, with the best value for money and modern amenities. ViaVia Kathmandu is located in a quiet residential area, just a 10- minute walk from the large Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath. In our comfortable rooms you can find peace and comfort after a busy day on the chaotic roads of Kathmandu.

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ViaVia Restaurant

Welcome to the “Around the World Kitchen”. Our restaurant is a fusion of flavors and offers a varied menu inspired by cuisines from around the world. From spicy Thai curries to hearty Italian pastas, local Nepali cuisine or classic American comfort food. Join us for a delicious experience that transcends boundaries.

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Explore Nepal

Nepal is a diverse and safe destination, ideal for independent travel. ViaVia Kathmandu can help you create a unique travel experience. ViaVia offers hikes, tours, transfers, guides, and trekking tours, all tailored to your needs. ViaVia values sustainable tourism, that benefits local stakeholders and the environment.

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A place to connect

Your home away from home, a global neighborhood café where travelers and locals meet.

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A tasty meal, a local drink, a room, a souvenir, just this relaxed, artistic place that reflects a multicultural and cosmopolitan style and flavors from all over the world.

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Here you’ll find plenty of travel information to expand your worldview, as well as numerous tours, activities, treks on offer to help you explore Nepal.

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Implementing sustainable practices, minimizing waste, conserving resources, and prioritizing eco-friendly initiatives to reduce environmental impact and improve guest experience.


Welcome to ViaVia Kathmandu

Whether you’re coming to Nepal to admire the Himalayas, or explore UNESCO World Heritage sites, your trip will most likely begin in the capital, Kathmandu. Close to the Buddhist heart of Kathmandu, less than a kilometer from the Bodnath Stupa and many Buddhist monasteries and institutes you will find ViaVia Boutique hotel – Kathmandu

Nepal’s holiest Hindu temple Pashupatinath, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is also within walking distance.

Near the reception you will find a library with travel books, science fiction and non-fiction books as well as numerous (board) games to keep you, and your friends and family entertained when you return to ViaVia after your sightseeing tour.

If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to use our free bikes to explore the valley.


Boutique Hotel

Located in a quiet residential area at 1 km from the beautiful stupa of Boudhanath. Thanks to its perfect location, ViaVia Kathmandu offers a tranquil escape with the convenience of easy access to the area’s most sought-after attractions.

Combining modern elegance with homely comforts, guests can enjoy personalized service and luxurious amenities like flat screen TV, HVAC, rain shower with 24 hour hot water.



ViaVia Kathmandu is a vibrant oasis where the rich diversity of Nepali culture meets international flavors.

The bar/restaurant area offers a warm and eclectic ambience. It is decorated with local artwork and features comfortable seating. The menu is a delicious mix of Nepali and global cuisine, offering a selection of local dishes and international favorites.

Enjoy a cup of Himalayan tea, a plate of delicious momos, and enjoy some jazz, lounge or world music.

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Sustainability @ ViaVia

ViaVia Kathmandu actively contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and emphasizes its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. As a tourist destination, ViaVia serves as a platform for visitors to have a positive impact on the local community.
Seasonality is taken into account when purchasing goods, and sustainability is encouraged in consumption practices. Vegetable waste is processed through an underground biogas system, providing sustainable energy for the kitchen. Additionally, we strive to minimize plastic by providing water in jars in the rooms and providing free water to refill these jars.
We have chosen various energy-saving measures such as solar panels, energy-efficient heat pumps, and rainwater harvesting systems to reduce our environmental impact. We also partner with several non-profit organizations that focus on empowering underprivileged women and children.